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Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX - The Ultimate Solution to Problematic Teeth

When it comes to preserving your oral health, Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX, at The Houston Dentists Tanglewood can be a game-changer. Headed by Dr. Tom Hedge, we specialize in extractions that not only alleviate your dental issues but also prevent future complications. Whether you're dealing with advanced gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, or other dental woes, our goal is to make the extraction process as comfortable, efficient, and convenient as possible for you.

Why Are Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX Necessary?

Tooth extractions are more than just a quick fix; they're often a last-resort solution to save your oral health. How to know if a tooth needs extraction? Well, sometimes, certain teeth can pose a real threat to your well-being. For example, teeth that are loose, decayed, or broken below the gum line can lead to infections and other oral issues. Extracting such teeth can actually prevent issues like shifting, infection, and intra-oral damage.

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Single Tooth Replacement

A single tooth supported by an implant is often the best choice. Adjacent teeth are not affected and the area can be easily cleaned.

Tooth Extraction in Tanglewood Houston

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Tooth Extractions?

Almost anyone in need of an extraction should consider getting one. A comprehensive examination, usually involving x-rays, will be conducted to confirm the necessity of the procedure. If you have issues like impacted wisdom teeth, stubborn baby teeth, or even if you're just looking to avoid further treatment, you're likely a suitable candidate.

What Are Tooth Extractions? 

Simply put, tooth extractions are the removal of one or more teeth to resolve a pressing dental issue. The procedure typically involves using anesthetic or sedation, with types and levels varying based on your preference and needs. Do I need sedation for tooth extraction? That's a question we can answer during your consultation.

What Happens During the Tooth Extraction Procedure?

First, you'll be provided with anesthetic or sedation options, which we'll discuss during your consultation. After you're comfortable, the tooth will be carefully loosened and removed. Depending on the situation, sutures may be used to close up the gums, followed by biting down on gauze to stop any bleeding. If you've opted for general sedation, you'll be moved to a recovery room and should have someone to drive you home.

What Are the Do's And Don'ts After A Tooth Extraction?

Taking care of yourself after an extraction is crucial. Things to avoid after a tooth extraction include smoking, consuming hot liquids, and engaging in strenuous activities. On the other hand, you'll be given specific aftercare instructions that should be followed meticulously to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX - The Ultimate Solution to Problematic Teeth

Our cosmetic dentist to “quarterback” the whole procedure.

These four specialists insure a great outcome.  We also utilize three assistants to make sure everything runs smoothly.  It usually takes most of a day to achieve this with all seven people just working on you.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment?

If you believe a tooth extraction is in your future, don't hesitate to call us at 281-626-8991. Located conveniently in Houston, TX, and serving surrounding locations like Downtown Houston, Midtown, Montrose, Heights (Houston Heights), Fourth Ward, and Third Ward, The Houston Dentists Tanglewood is your go-to destination for top-notch dental care.

We look forward to providing you with the best dental care in Houston, whether you're in need of a tooth extraction, crowns, or even dentures. Secure your oral health by scheduling an appointment today!

The results are truly life changing.

If you think you might need a tooth extraction, call our office today and we will be happy to get you in for an appointment.

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