How are my gumsHow are my gums

My teeth keep breaking

Teeth can break for many reasons. Trauma, decay, grinding and existing old fillings and root canals that weaken teeth are the usual causes. The good news is that all of this can be fixed. A thorough examination of your teeth, gums, muscles that chew, fillings, a bite analysis, and XRays are the first step. We do this as part of out new patient experience.

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Uneven Gums

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums caused by bacteria.  The body will respond by pulling away from the infection.  The gums recede.  We treat this by cleaning the infection and teaching you how to maintain them.  Proper hygiene, and regular cleanings are critical to maintaining gum health.

Uneven Gums

Sometimes this just happens. It can be from tooth position, recession, or the gums growing over the teeth. We can correct this with laser repositioning or minor surgery.
In this case the gums grew over perfectly good teeth.  The gums were raised using a laser.  One side was completed in the picture.  The other side was done immediately after the photo.

This case had recession most likely caused by the ligament between the teeth. A graft and minor surgical procedure corrected this.

Gum Disease - Uneven Gum
Lipstick for your gums

Dark Gums

Many people have dark gums and wish they were pink.  This most often occurs in persons of African, Arab, and Indian descent.  Dentists have not had a way to correct this until recently. 

Dr Hedge developed this technique ten years ago and has treated hundreds of patients from all over the USA. It involves removing the cells that make the gums dark (melanocytes).  Pink tissue migrates to replace them over two weeks.  The procedure is painless and takes about an hour.

It’s like lipstick for your gums, only it is permanent!

Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy smile, you know how difficult it can be to feel confident inthe way that you look. Fortunately, a simple and common oral surgery can helpto enhance your smile and expose more surface of your teeth. This procedure isknown as crown lengthening, or gummy smile treatment. It involves removingexcess gum tissue from around the teeth, contouring the way that the teeth lookand revealing more tooth surface.

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