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Heathy beautiful gums are our goal.  For most people, their gums makeup half of their smile, and for some even more.  So pink, healthy gums that show just the right amount is the goal.  
Dark or pigmented gums, although healthy can compromise a smile.  These gums can be made pink with a procedure developed by Dr Hedge.  It takes one visit and is painless and permanent.

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Lipstick for your gums

Dark Gums

Many people have dark gums and wish they were pink.  This most often occurs in persons of African, Arab, and Indian descent.  Dentists have not had a way to correct this until recently. 

Dr Hedge developed this technique ten years ago and has treated hundreds of patients from all over the USA. It involves removing the cells that make the gums dark (melanocytes).  Pink tissue migrates to replace them over two weeks.  The procedure is painless and takes about an hour.

It’s like lipstick for your gums, only it is permanent!

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