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What are Clear Aligners?

Over 50% of people have crooked teeth. Some situations are almost unnoticeable while others are disfiguring to their smile.  All orthodontic treatments are different.  That is why we offer many options.

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Invisalign was the first clear aligner system.  They are the market leader and have established the “brand” name (like Kleenex is to tissues).  Dr. Hedge was one of the first dentists to use this system. The system is excellent but will usually cost about a thousand dollars more than other systems.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct began delivering aligners in 2010 as a viable alternative to Invisalign.  Once again, Dr Hedge was an early adopter. This system has been used to treat hundreds of thousands of patients. Best part is that they are designed and fabricated in Texas!

Sure Smile

Now you can spend less time in aligners while getting more precise results. Sure Smile allows this to happen. The technology enables orthodontists to take digital scans of patients’ teeth. By using these scans, Dr. Hedge can find the best way to design custom wires for each specific patient. Dr. Hedge uses the SureSmile program to find the best direction to move his patients’ teeth. Orthodontists utilizing SureSmile technology can ensure the braces direct teeth in a precise direction which can reduce the amount of time patients spend in braces by as much as a third. Less time means fewer appointments and out of braces sooner!

Smile Club Direct

Smile Club Direct was launched in 2014 as a direct to consumer alternative for clear aligner therapy.  All interactions with a doctor are done virtually.  It is intended for minor corrections to the front teeth, also known as the “social six”.  That is the six top and six bottom teeth.  This system does not allow for “tooth colored buttons” to facilitate tooth movements and increasing space allowed for the teeth to “fit”.  Dr Hedge can help you get started with this system if it is a better fit for you.

If Your Family Member is Interested in finding out more?

We look at many options for getting you a straighter smile including clear Aligners and instant orthodontics with veneers.  It all starts with a complimentary consultation and scan.

If you or your family member is interested in finding out more about clear aligners and how this treatment can benefit you, contact The Houston Dentists Tanglewood to schedule your consultation.

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