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Dental Implants

A dental implant is specifically designed to replace one or more teeth within your mouth. Implants are often made of titanium, and they are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Over the course of a couple of months, the implant itself will fuse with the bone, becoming a solid and stable part of your smile. We can then place single crowns, bridges or even full dentures over the freshly healed implants.

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Single Tooth Replacement

A single tooth supported by an implant is often the best choice. Adjacent teeth are not affected and the area can be easily cleaned.

Multiple teeth Replacement

Replacing multiple teeth involves placing two or more implants.  A permanent bridge is placed on the implants to replace the teeth.

All Teeth Replacement

Replacing all of the teeth with implants is a life changing procedure. This is often referred to as Teeth in a Day, All on Four and Full on Five.  It is really the “Super Bowl” of dentistry.  If it is not done well the experience can be miserable.  When we’ll planned and done by an experienced team, the results are amazing.
Replacing teeth with dental implants starts with planning.  We begin by placing and designing the implant and tooth locations virtually with digital scans of the teeth and bone.  This is affected by bone quality, quantity, and location.  Implant location affects the location of the  teeth. This is why proper planning is so critical to success.
After the designs are made, the teeth are crafted to fit the mouth, smile line, and bone.

When the big day comes for Teeth in a day, everything is ready to go!

Our team consists of:

  • An anesthesiologist so you can safely sleep through the procedure and wake up with your new teeth.
  • Our surgeon to remove the teeth and place the implants.
  • Our lab dental artist to fit the new teeth to the new implants.
  • And Our cosmetic dentist to “quarterback” the whole procedure.

These four specialists insure a great outcome.  We also utilize three assistants to make sure everything runs smoothly.  It usually takes most of a day to achieve this with all seven people just working on you.

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The results are truly life changing.

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